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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Harakeke- Our School Whanau

 The harakeke (flax) plant represents the whānau (family) in Māori thought. The rito (shoot) is the child. It is protectively surrounded by the awhi rito (parents). The outside leaves represent the tūpuna (grandparents and ancestors). Room 8 & Room 7 are the ‘Rito’ and the ‘Awhi Rito’ are our parents and teachers. The grass are our school friends. On the harakeke rau (leaf) we shared how we can be kind and on the ‘Korari’ we shared how we can show respect.


  1. What cool art room 7 and 8 i really like it.

  2. I like your art room7!!!

  3. Thank you Rooms 7 and 8. What a wonderful way to show respect and how we all need to care for and look after each other. Your art work is fantastic.