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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Perseverance - Manawatu River Cycleway Bike Trip

Room 7 & 8 finished off our Perseverance unit with a bike trip to the Manawatu River Cycleway. Starting at the Esplanade and finishing at Riverside Drive and back. That is approx 14kms. Some children had not long been off their training wheels, and only 2 children had training wheels. More than half of the children rode all of the way. There was lots of perseverance shown first the children had to keep on going, and hills being another new experience for many going up and then coming down fast.  The children and adults were amazing. Thank you everyone. We finished the ride with a play at the new and improved Esplanade.

Here are some excerpts from Room 7 Writing

I persevered and got better at not falling off my bike and I tried to not wobble.
By Campbell

I persevered and got better at going to go down the big jump. But it looked scary so I went back and then I stopped and tried. Then I thought oh I might do it, so I went back where dad was, and I went to do it, and I did it!
By Mackenzie

I only got my training wheels off two days ago . I got better at riding my bike without training wheels. It was fun. I had to keep on trying. I had to keep trying to go down the high hills.
By Arden